That’s it…

I’ve just about fucking had it with these filthy hippies and Occupy Nova Scotia. I swear to god if they are still tenting there during the Remembrance Day service I will personally remove them.The city has offered an alternative camp site for these idiots too. But now they are complaining because most of them panhandle downtown and that’s too far of a walk . Seriously?? It’s a ten minute walk. This is why you’re poor.

According to this study by  McLeans Magazine my income is among the top 20% in the country. You know why? Because I work hard. I’ve worked shitty jobs and I made something of myself. When I was making 24,000 a year I didn’t sit around protesting over it. I took on as much extra work as I could so someone would notice my abilitly to do more. Maybe these idiots should try doing the same.

Oh seductive witch fromTroll 2 , where are you when we need you?


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