I wanna go gooning.

So I’m pretty awesome at a lot of stuff.I’m awesome at my job,I can cook like a mother fucker, my apartment is spotless, I can do my own taxes, I’m dynamite in the sack, I can cry without making an ugly cry face .OK no I can’t, no one can do that . However, I am an amazing girlfriend.

But you know what I can’t do? Bake. I fucking hate baking with every inch of my soul. And it drives me insane that I hate it so much. If forced to I can make a Tiramisu, but that isn’t really baking as much as it is mixing things and then pouring it into another  dish. My hatred of baking is actually kind of embarrassing. I’ll spend hours planning out a dinner party, creating an amuse bouche cooking a prime rib in a pinot noir sauce , coming up with cool a apéritif. And then I ruin a dinner party by serving a dessert bought from Sobey’s at the last minute.

I’m going to force myself to master three desserts. I’m thinking I will go with the following. Chocolate Mouse, Creme Brulee and one more really easy one. I’m open to suggestions. But I don’t want any sort of shit dessert that involves Cool-Whip and a can of Very Cherry Fruit Cocktail. Just because I can’t bake doesn’t mean I can’t taste my food.

Why is fruit cocktail grey???


8 responses to “I wanna go gooning.

  1. I can bake like it’s my business. I can teach you, and I shall. Honestly, the hardest thing is baking time. You can never trust your oven.

    • I just hate that you can ruin it so easily. In cooking if I add too much of something you can fix it. Not with baking. I made a cake for Chris’ birthday when we first started dating I threw the first one in the garbage because it didn’t rise.It took me like 4 hours to make 2 cakes.

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