Tomorrow starts the Christmas Season!

Ah Halloween! I’m at work wearing a costume therefore eliminating my need to do any real work today. I can just walk around the office making small talk with everyone about their weekend and my Halloween spirit. I’m dressed as a Flapper Girl today, or as I like to call them ” Old Time Whores.”

I would have taken a photo of myself in the bathroom mirror but it’s actually really hard to do! I guess I have to give all the 16-year-old skanks credit for their ability to take so many photos like that!

Ghost Costume Fail…


NSB Presents Guilty Little Pleasures

I have two guilty pleasures. One, hiding a can of frosting around the apartment and then eating it by the spoonful when my boyfriend isn’t home. The other is brushing my teeth in the shower. I know that sounds gross but Sweet Jesus it’s amazing. You can go at your mouth like a savage and not have to worry about dry toothpaste forming on your face. Plus it makes your teeth feel ten times cleaner when you do it in the shower. For those of you gagging in your mouth now as you’re reading this, give it a try. I promise you will love it!

Brace yourself for an amazing experience!

That’s it…

I’ve just about fucking had it with these filthy hippies and Occupy Nova Scotia. I swear to god if they are still tenting there during the Remembrance Day service I will personally remove them.The city has offered an alternative camp site for these idiots too. But now they are complaining because most of them panhandle downtown and that’s too far of a walk . Seriously?? It’s a ten minute walk. This is why you’re poor.

According to this study by  McLeans Magazine my income is among the top 20% in the country. You know why? Because I work hard. I’ve worked shitty jobs and I made something of myself. When I was making 24,000 a year I didn’t sit around protesting over it. I took on as much extra work as I could so someone would notice my abilitly to do more. Maybe these idiots should try doing the same.

Oh seductive witch fromTroll 2 , where are you when we need you?

Cats wearing Halloween Costumes!

I love cats, but for a while I was single and a cat was a giant step backwards for me. Then I met the love of my life only to find out he hates my feline friends. I think I make SB loath them a little more with my constant watching of cat videos on YouTube when I’m supposed to be getting dressed in the morning. Maybe these photos will help change his mind…

If I owned this cat, I’d name him Buttons.

The Cat Crusader.

Oh my god, If I was this cats mom I would push him around the neighbourhood in a stroller he is that cute! ( I know I’m not helping my cause here)

Two things I love…Cats and Hot Dogs!

Please don’t…

So Lindsay Lohan is going to pose naked for Playboy, I am begging Hef not to do this. I have seen her naked. Everyone has. Bert Stern already shot her translucent saggy boobs four years ago. And let me tell you, they are haggard looking! She has the grossest nips of all time.  You can’t tell when the nip ends and the boob starts, they are pretty much the same shade of white/pink.

Unless you have breast-fed a child, your boobs shouldn’t look like this at the age of 24.

Occupy Halifax? How about you people occupy a shower and a bar of soap.

God just thinking about what one of those tents must smell like makes me want to throw up in my mouth. They are always offering free food to people who come and talk to them. I love free food but I draw the line at eating something made by an person who smells like a yeti. I wish rich people would hold some sort of protest and camp out in fancy RV’s. I would be all over their free food!

Better late than never!

Sorry for the delay in today’s post. I’m burning myself out with work. Between working 9 hour days with my regular job and weekends at Season’s restaurant I’m not really left with a lot of down time. Hopefully regular work will give me the raise I have whined  about for months so I can cut back my hours at the hotel bar.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. SB, Red and I are heading to New Glasgow for good food and too much booze on Saturday. Mama Cat is making a prime rib and Count Jackula is serving up his special of  unlimited beer in the basement fridge. After dinner,  I’m looking forward to getting ripped with Gus,  Hazel, and Hazel’s Wool. The best part about being hung over at my parents house is that I don’t have to get up to take my little Red Headed Bastard out for a walk in the morning. My amazing parents installed an invisible fence for their only Grandchild so he can come and go as he pleases all weekend.

 God I love this photo…