You know what’s not cool? Rude sidewalk edicate! If you are walking in a group of two or larger and someone is coming towards you on the sidewalk, move out-of-the-way. I’m refusing to step aside from here on in! And don’t even get me started on large groups of women running at the same time. To quote my boyfriend ” It’s a sidewalk, not a fucking track meet”


The only thing more pathetic than walking down the street holding hands with your mom, is your mom’s attempt to be sexy in her low-rise mom jeans.


4 responses to “OBEY

    • I just think it’s so rude when people expect you to get off the side walk so they can stay on! If you have little kids I will make an exception but if you’re an adult I’m not going to stand in a puddle for you!

  1. Oh god….never EVER come to Korea. Walking anywhere here is frustrating beyond belief. Most people in public have two speeds: full tilt running for the subway or 90 year old woman saunter. I’ve become that rude foreigner that just shoves people out of the way and doesn’t move for anyone…horrible

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