Seriously Plaza Pizza, bring back the old Za’s!

Just three more work days until I’m united with my little Red Headed Bastard and my second love, Pictou County Za. For those of you who have never indulged in PC Za, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

Most pizza in HRM  features a canned tomato sauce and tastes like garbage. Our sauce is really spicy and takes an entire day to make. I’m not joking either,  you have to simmer it for 12 hours. You can call any pizza place back home and order an extra-large combination and they will know exactly what you are referring to. Brothers pepperoni, mushroom and green pepper.

Until recently Plaza Pizza in Halifax had the option of PC sauce. However, since the removal of this item from their menu I’m angered every time I call to place an order. They have one guy who is always working there and I really hope he is being sincere when he tells me he campaigns to bring it back!

This  little lady and a side of donair sauce is how I spent many dateless Friday nights in my parent’s basement back in High School!


Back from vacation!

I have said it before and I will say it again…What the hell is Edward Furlong doing that he can’t appear on a season of Dancing with the Stars. I normally like to refer to this show as “Dancing with the Former B-List Stars” but this seasons cast is just plain hurtin.

Chaz Bono. Not a star.

Rob Kardashian. Not a star. Rich douche bag, but not a star.

Elisabetta Canalis. I don’t even know who this person is…

Ricki Lake. Kind of a star, but after watching Ricki Lake give birth naked in a bathtub ,  I have a hard time looking at her in general.

Nancy Grace…Don’t even fucking get me started.

Was the youngest son from Home Improvement too busy this season?

This is why I will always be a little bit fat…

Only seven more hours until I get on a plane with SB and we begin  the Weekend of Good Times! The plans for this weekend include. A Jays game, Mid Evil Times, Saucy Fingers, shopping at Williams and Sonoma and cheap sushi.

I realize this is the second time this week I have posted on Saucys but the excitement level I have for these little fuckers is unreal. Photos of my trip to Duff’s will be featured in next weeks highlight reel. I think my ultimate dream  meal would be made up of the following…

Microwaved Nachos, Saucys, Nanny Lewis Rolls toasted with too much butter , Fountain  Diet Pepsi and a DQ  Logcake.

I’m amazed I even like cats.

There is a member of the Lewis family who has yet to be introduced. Our family cat, Alice Lilly . I like to call her The Ragin’ Cajun. Alice has attacked pretty much every single person to ever come into my parents home.

 Her attacks include but are not limited to… Trapping Big Marg in the washroom for an hour jumping back and forth between the doorway and the bathtub she was trying to get into. Chasing my Sister-in-Law into the guest washroom at 2am and swinging at her each time she tried to open the door. Attacking SB out of the blue three-weeks ago while he was eating a piece of lasagna. The Ragin Cajun doesn’t discriminate on age or race either, she once hid in the grass and ambushed a baby.

Wrasslers on the movies!

They Live. Roddy Piper finds a pair of exray specs and it’s basically John Carpenter’s vision of 1984.

The Princess Bride. André The Giant offering people peanuts…classic.

Predator. Before Jesse Ventura went soap opera crazy, he was in this movie with another shady  future political jerk face.

No Holds Barred. Written in less than 24 hours by Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon, this movie has all my favorites. Hulkster, Brutus the Barber Beef Cake and Randy Savage!!! Hulk plays Rip, a wrestler with a heart of gold who gets beat up in a limo when he won’t move over to the competitors network.


Not only are Mama Cat and Count Jackula the greatest parents ever, they are also super generous and are sending SB and I to Tronny this weekend  to visit with Brethren Lewis and his wife!

In four days I will be boarding a plane and on my way to having Duff’s Saucy Fingers!!! Saucy fingers are chicken fingers coated in wing sauce. All the fun of regular chicken wings, but less mess! Saucys are accompanied by a dill dipping sauce that you can’t find on the East Cost. I like to consider this dish a rare delicacy only available in Upper Canada.

I look forward to the day I’m with child and going out for wangs at 9am is 100% acceptable and no one will judge me.

Big Plans Tonight!

Oh Friday! I have a pretty big night in the works. I’m going to do laundry, eat an entire frozen pizza, drink some wine with SB and start watching Dexter. I don’t know if I’m ready for Dexter.  Michael C. Hall will always be David the Gay Mortishion to me. I don’t think I’m willing to accept him in any other form.

 I really hated Keith in the first two seasons but then I grew to love him.