Don’t ever try to cut your boyfriends hair…

Or anyones hair for that matter unless you’re a hair dresser. But that’s not what today’s story is about. …

Not too long ago Live at 5 did a story on little birds attacking people. I didn’t really tune into  the news segment as I was busy making fun on the sentence “Tonight on Live at 5, why are so many birds in HRM attacking people?” Well it turns out I should have paid more attention.

Today on my way to work a bird flew into my face. It’s wing and body touched the side of my head. It almost went into my hair! If I had to wrangle a bird out of my hair I would have puked right there on the sidewalk. My hair is pulled back in a really cute braid today so the little fucker would have been throughly entangled .

I realize it was just a little Sparrow, but in my mind it looks like this.


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