Sorry Count Jackula, you’re not going to like this one.

I was on the fence over weather or not to rant about this, I thought it was kind of gross that I was noticing it and maybe I was making it out to be a bigger issue than it was. Then yesterday Connie the Office Manager brought it up to me…

Someone in our shared office space has left giant pubes on the toilet. I don’t mean a little curly one. I mean they are longer than my Zoey Deschanel inspired bangs. Every day at 10am I walk into a stall to discover a covered toilet seat. 1. How does someone not realize they are leaving a giant mess behind on the toilet seat I can only assume they are looking at when they stand up to flush with their foot. 2. How does a person manage to grow their pubes out to the point of having them just fallout everywhere?

Who knows, maybe Romeo Cormier has come into the washroom when no one is around and leaving his beard hairs behind…


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