Sorry Count Jackula, you’re not going to like this one.

I was on the fence over weather or not to rant about this, I thought it was kind of gross that I was noticing it and maybe I was making it out to be a bigger issue than it was. Then yesterday Connie the Office Manager brought it up to me…

Someone in our shared office space has left giant pubes on the toilet. I don’t mean a little curly one. I mean they are longer than my Zoey Deschanel inspired bangs. Every day at 10am I walk into a stall to discover a covered toilet seat. 1. How does someone not realize they are leaving a giant mess behind on the toilet seat I can only assume they are looking at when they stand up to flush with their foot. 2. How does a person manage to grow their pubes out to the point of having them just fallout everywhere?

Who knows, maybe Romeo Cormier has come into the washroom when no one is around and leaving his beard hairs behind…


Aging Starlets

Axel Rose might just be the most haggardly aging rock star in history. I realize that other rock stars look worse but they look god awful due to a life time freebasing coke. Axel Rose looks awful thanks to extensions and botched plastic surgeries.

Nothing says Rock and Roll Bad Ass like showing up at a party and trying to beat up Tommy Hilfiger.

She aint real.

So exercising and not eating two hot dogs for lunch 3 times a week just about has me nuts. Last night I was wide awake until 3am thinking about all the foods I wanted to eat, I’m not joking if it wasn’t for my fear of SB waking up in the middle of the night to discover I’m missing and calling the cops I would have gotten in the car and visited the following locations. Wendy’s for a Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger, Any place that makes Saucy Fingers, Tim Horton’s for Chili and KFC for an order of Chicken Skin with a side of Gravy. I’m pretty sure that last order is too unhealthy for KFC to even offer.

Colonel  Sanders singing all my Christmas favorites? YES PLEASE!

Closer to the prize at the end of the rope

Back to work after a weekend of drinking home-brew in New Glasgow. The best part about my Saturday morning hangover was that Count Jackula came home from work to bring me a G2 and then Mama Cat invited me to come along on her brunch group date.

My Mom’s brunch group rules. It’s a group of 15-20 women in their late 40’s early 50’s who get together on Saturday’s with casseroles and wine! And they don’t make you sit around nursing a glass of wine all day either…Those broads know what a good time is!  

This old dove still knows a thing or two about partying herself!

Skeletor has a son.

What the hell is wrong with Rachel Zoe? She named her baby boy Skylar!!! Seriously Skylar?!? Skylar is probably number 2 of my list of horrible baby names. Number one being  Shyla.  How does one of the world’s most fashionable people choose such an awful name? It’s not 1994 Rachel Zoe. Other horrible baby names include…

Lois, Trena, Jasmine,Travis,  Diane and Jeffery.


If you marry a 16-year-old who looks 30 is it still gross??

Midway through the week and Olive Oil is leaving for Tronny at 1pm today so things are looking up. I have big plans for two whole glorious days without Olive Oil. I plan on drinking Diet Pepsi at my leisure around the office and eating a Teen Burger at my desk without someones judgemental comments.

I’m also pretty excited over all my vacation time this Summer. SB and I have a pretty sweet lineup ahead of us. Metallica and Dropkick Murphys concerts, road trips to PEI , Cape Breton and Maybe some Valley action. Topped off with a trip to Tronny at the end of the summer to visit Brethren Lewis and his wife! I plan on spending hoards money on a Pink Tartan outfit while I’m at Holt this time.

I need this outfit. Along with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I am willing to go without food for a month if it means getting a pair!