The end of an era.

And that era is the 4 years of free parking that I have been able to scheme from the Marriott Harbour Front Hotel. By the end of this week the hotel parking lot will be set up with Visa terminals to make sure people like me can no longer park for free.

You didn’t even have to workout a system to park for free here. When pulling out of the parkade 75% of the time the parking booth was unattended. The other 25% of the time it was being manned by a guy in his early 20’s who would tell me to pull through because “You park here so often you don’t have to worry about paying today.”

The only time I ever had to pay for parking was when that crotchety old fuck Leo was working. If you pulled in or out one minute past the early bird parking rate special he would charge you $24.00 instead of $10.00. Leo once broke his hip and was out for a month. The hotel set up a honour system for people to pay at the front desk. I felt like Leo was a big enough asshole 90% of the time that it justified my never paying the parking fee once.

Leo has about as much personality as Kristen Stewart.


16 and making me not want to watch…

Is anyone else getting bored with this season of 16 and Pregnant?  After the series opener where a loser boyfriend left his girlfriend and two babies on the side of the road I thought I was in for an exciting season. But every show is the same. A crappy mom who spends all her time with her much younger boyfriend or new husband. A teenaged dad who doesn’t help out enough and a knocked up 16-year-old.

Where are the fights? Where are the cops? I might just stop watching this season all together and wait for Teen Mom to start back up. At least those girls had exciting lives that others could easily pass judgement on.

Remember when Garryyy took back the baby furniture because they couldn’t afford it and in return he bought rock band. I want stuff like that to happen again.

Domestic Bliss

We’re finally settled into our new place. We have reached an agreement on how many horror related items can be placed around the apartment and barn stars have been prohibited from gracing the walls. Enjoy the photos!

Fancy new digs call for fancy canapes and sparkling wine!

Our awesome bathroom reading material includes Stuff White People Like, Whiter Shades of Pale, A book about killers   and a Frank Magazine that once published a story about  yours truly!

Our new table compliments of  the world’s greatest parents Mama Cat and Count Jackula!

Red hanging out in the living room.

Kitchen area. I’m so proud of that glass jar on the counter. It’s an original Planters Peanut jar!