One Night Only!

This week has been fantastic. Mama Cat and Count Jackula took The Red Headed Bastard home for a few days so he could get some R & R in the country. I have been able to sleep in until 6:30 all week and I don’t have to rush home after work to take my son out for a pee.

Tonight I’m going to Wrassling at the Halifax Forum with Slutbanger and another couple. Our plan is to get rowdy and out of hand. I’m pretty excited for the line up too! Ted Dibiase, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, JERRY THE KING LAWLER!

 What excites me even more than the line up is the ability to take photos of 13-year-old kids smoking with their parents and seeing countless people wear clothing made by Pepsi or from a beer box.


2 responses to “One Night Only!

  1. That jacket is missing something…hmmm. A Looney Tunes character, that’s it. Make sure to wear your stretchy pants with stirups too. It will make you blend in.

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