Sorry for the delay, I had an awkward morning.

Today I got called out on my germaphobe weirdness and I have no shame in that either. When I walked into the office our receptionist offered me a piece of fudge made by the sister of another employee. So I asked the obvious question ” Is her house clean?” I didn’t realize the other employee was just around the corner and heard me ask this.

It turns out her home is kept tidy and I in turn ate the fudge, which was delicious. This isn’t a new thing for me, in elementary school I would always pass on treats made by the dirty kids families. Even now I refuse to admit to liking potato salad at a potluck or BBQ in fear that someone who lives in a filthy home made it.

I once almost had to eat a dip made by a hoarder at an office potluck. Luckly my phone rang, so I loaded my plate up with the dip, took it to my office and tossed it in the garbage can. People later thanked me for taking half of it, eliminating their need to try it!

No way in hell would I eat a taco dip made in this kitchen!


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