Oooohhhh What a Rush!

I wonder what percentage of my Facebook friends who continue to devote their status updates to the disasters in Japan actually donated money to a relief cause?

On a lighter note, I discovered the Olly Fresco’s lunch buffet yesterday! Oh my god they have everything. Even ham!!! Yesterday I had the following. A chicken samosa, cheese, grape leaves, tabouli salad, couscous and a hard-boiled egg. ( I don’t know why I felt it necessary to add the egg into the mix)

I’m going back today for some mac and cheese and to try the ham! I normally hate buffets because cheap families take their kids who in turn breath on all the food and touch it with their dirty fingers. However this buffett is higher end and I like to think that working professional adults wash their hands after a poop.

I once worked with a woman who looked just like this…


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