Mawage, Wha is Mawage??

I’m working in Tronny for the next few days, here are some of my trip highlights.

Chicken wings, two days in a row. I realized that a Popeye’s Chicken is located across the street from my office. I’m half tempted to tell my coworkers I have to run to the pharmacy over lunch and eat there by myself.

I found a new bathingsuit to take away on my vacation ! AND I actually feel confident in it!

A trip to Williams Sonoma ! I am determined to buy a home water carbonator that also allows you to make your own pop!!! I realize the cost of this kitchen device is the equivalent to purchasing enough Pierre to last a year but I need one. I just want to offer someone a bottle of homemade vanilla peach ginger ale.

I bought the coolest gift ever for my Star Wars nerd boyfriend. I will post a picture later this week. I need to keep it under wraps for now because he is going to lose his shit when he sees it.

Tonight I will be dinning at The Keg Mansion ! I already know what I’m getting. A blue cheese crusted steak with a loaded baked potato.

I went to  Holt yesterday. It was awesome yet depressing at the same time. Awesome because for the first time in my life I can actually place my hands on something made by big time labels such as Pink Tartan and Valentino. Depressing because I could never afford to own a $900.00 party dress with my shitty income.


2 responses to “Mawage, Wha is Mawage??

  1. Seriously, after doing my name and email on my iPhone I actually forget what I was going to say… Dammit!

    Ok I remember and it is really anticlimactic, I was going to say that my wedding dress cost les than that, but now I feel like an idiot 🙂

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