I too was once a horrible child.

A favorite pastime of every child who grew up in the North End of New Glasgow had to be ordering items to other people’s homes.  I caught onto this trend from my old brother, who more than likely caught onto it from someone elses old brother.

Basically you would sit around in someones basement with a phone book and a cordless phone that had a giant antenna and call local pizza places, cabs even the KFC delivery line. You would order items to the homes of friends you knew were away for the weekend.

My mom’s friend Linda caught us making the calls once and made us say sorry and promise we wouldn’t do it again. So I started calling the toll-free 1-800 number From the Church of Jesus Christ commercial to order the free Family First series instead. The best part about this video was that it also came with a church member knocking at your door every day after its arrival.


Sweat pants Friday!

This weeks Non-eater isn’t really a celebrity anymore but I’m going with him anyway. Men need to remember its important to eat other wise you might end up a washed up VJ who gets engaged to Tara Reid.

In other trash related news, Amber has a naked photo leak scandal!!! And you know its her because her tattoo of Baby Leah above her vagina is featured in the photo!

Rooolll up the Rrrriiimmm to Loose!

So I was going to write this one off as a point to Timmy Ho’s. But then when I thought about it I really do win. As many of you know I am no longer permitted in the Tim Horton’s Scotia Square location( Can employees actually ban a person??) This is the one time of the year I actually want to wait in line forever for an improperly made tea.

Last year I purchased three teas per day at a rate of almost $5.00 per day, $24.15 per week $96.60 per month. My list of wins included 3 any size coffees and 1 muffin.

So I like to think I am one upping Tim Horton’s this time of year. Not only am I not giving them a large part of my hard-earned pay cheque. I am also helping to fight against the diabetes and adulthood  obesity. So this point in Becks-vs-Tim Horton’s goes to yours truly!!

Please note, Rollie Finger has nothing to do with Roll up the Rim.

Who came along for the ride?

In honnour of the Canada Games wrapping up this week in our fine city, I want to share 3 of my favorite Nova Scotia products!

Schooner Beer. I don’t even mind the smell of the brewery. And in the summer you can stand under the cold air vents outside to cool off!

Roast Chicken Chips…Amazing.

Brothers pepperoni, I hate all other kinds of pepperoni.

Beat your heart out.

Back to work. Olive Oil is still on vacation until Wednesday so I’m slightly less bitter about being here today. I had a decent weekend too. I rekindled my  love for smokey bacon chips and my relationship moved up a level with Slutbanger. He now has key holding status. While it’s not living together status, it’s a pretty big step for us as it’s more than likely the only time a shiny piece of metal will be exchanged between the two of us. The last big step in our relationship was when I stopped running to the Burger King and Tim Horton’s down the street every time I had to use the washroom when he was over.

Giving someone a key means big changes around my place. My boyfriend can now give me a guesstimated time of arrival and just show up. I liked the comfort of a buzzer to announce he was here. It gave me a solid minute and fifteen seconds to tidy around, fix my hair and spray some Febreze if needed. What if he walks in on me in the middle of eating spaghetti , rapping along to a Ludacris song or trying to learn the dance moves to Thriller????  These are things I never want my boyfriend to witness!

Any guy who is willing to watch the entire Planet of the Apes VHS box set with me, is a keeper. So maybe I shouldn’t worry so much over being caught eating a giant plate of bacon before going out to dinner.

Don’t you ever get engaged to me again.

So after watching this week episode of Teen Mom two I have decided that Janelle senior needs to go to some sort of institution. I actually feel bad for Teen Janelle. 

I can’t stand Kail. I know she kind of had a rough life growing up but who in their right mind would tell their boyfriends parents that they want to continue to live in their home rent free while being open about hating their son and wanting to date other guys?

And is anyone else jealous of Chelsea? I know she dates a douche bag and lost all of her friends but have you noticed all that sweet furniture and her convertible?

Yup, that’s Teen Janelle smoking at a gas pump…