Hipster Decor 101

A hipsters kitchen contains so much more than just food no one really likes. You are guaranteed to find at least one of the following items in this room.

Ugly containers from the late 80’s. More than likely used to hold organic sugar and fair trade tea bags!

I know for a fact hipsters own these dishes because I always see them sitting out on the sidewalk. I can’t tell if they are trying to give them away or creating some sort of lame art project.

I’m actually on the fence on this wall decor .It’s from the 90’s but still really ugly and generally rejected by the majority of rich people.

A shitty looking casserole dish. Used to bake something equally as shitty tasting in and take to some sort of hipster meatless potluck.


4 responses to “Hipster Decor 101

  1. I have seen those dishes on the sidewalk myself. My sister used to have a bunch of them. She is kind of a wannabe hippy herself. Apparently the dishes are called “milkglass”. Ha.

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