RIP Jack Lalanne

In honour of Jack Lalannes death, I present some of my all time favorite As Seen on TV products…

The Bedazzler. I put this item on my Christmas wish list every single year. Thank God my parents never caved and bought it for me. I would not want to be kid in photos wearing a jean jacket covered in rhinestone.

The Set it and Forget it. Count Jackula actually owns one of these. It’s pretty amazing. He also owns a Flavor Wave. The man loves small household appliances.

A patch making kit. Oh I couldn’t wait to save up and buy a patch making kit. I would have found someway to incorporate  the patches in with my bedazzled jean jacket.

I actually did get a juicer one year for Christmas and I fucking hated it. It was a son of a bitch to clean and you could dump an entire bag of oranges into it and come out with a mouthful of juice.


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