Job Hunting Tips

As someone who views hundreds of resumes a year, I just wanted to give a few tips to potential job hunters.

1. Don’t include your picture, especially if it’s a picture where you look like a murderer or you’re in a cocktail dress.

2. If your email address references the following, get a new one. Hot knives, the number 69, being a sex kitten, KFC, your favorite brand of beer, your love of asses.

3. Don’t call a business and say ” I’m looking for a job.” 

4. Don’t list every single job you have held since high school. Employers could care less if you worked at a Wendy’s for three months back in 1998.

5. Under skills, don’t state that you know how to type or use Word. I’m well aware of that as you emailed your typed resume to me in Word format. And don’t state idiotic skills like 7 years of listening experience either.


2 responses to “Job Hunting Tips

    • Or in an interview, don’t state “I’m looking for a challange”…Well what the hell is a challange to you? A challange to me is listening to my boss talk about his kid for a hour and keeping my mouth shut.

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