Seriously this woman is the reason I am 100% in favor of pro-choice.

According to my half Asian friend Murray, Amber Portwood has been charged with assault! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Portwood, here is the run down. When she was 16 her boyfriend Gary Shirley(19)  knocked her up. Gary did all sorts of stupid things like tell Amber she couldn’t buy a change table for her baby because they didn’t have enough money, then he would go out and buy useless items like Rock Band or go out to dinner at a Golden Corral. Amber would get upset over his actions, hit him and then they would makeup.

Gary decided to man up and buy a synthetic pink sapphire promise ring for Amber. Upon being reassured he could return the ring that came to 26.98 at Wal-Mart he proposes to Amber. I think the engagement has been broken off a minimum of 4 times since taking place. In one Teen Mom episode Gary gets kicked out and takes his set of dirty twin sheets with him,  Amber actually said to him ” Don’t you ever get engaged to me again”

As if Amber wasn’t already a big enough bitch, she went and lost like 80 pounds. So now she feels she deserves more than Gary Shirley and starts to date a guy who just got out of jail. Gary and Amber get into a huge fight over Amber letting a criminal bathe and dress their 2-year-old daughter and Amber attacks Gary. The useful film crew from MTV just decided to stand there and film the 10 minute attack instead of breaking it up or calling the cops.

I have to give it to Amber it’s not everyday I can handout a World’s Worst Mother and a Non-Eater Award to the same person!


3 responses to “Seriously this woman is the reason I am 100% in favor of pro-choice.

  1. Better yet, it makes the case for not having sex until you’re old enough to understand what you’re doing. It also makes the case for enforcing current laws. Isn’t sex with a 16 year-old statuatory rape?

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