M&M’s Orential Party Pack Overload.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, mine fucking ruled! I drank too much wine, received some sweet gifts and Count Jackula made half a package of maple bacon for breakfast every morning for five days in a row. My organs are literally going to shut down if I go near booze or bacon again this week.

I’m getting pretty excited for 2011 to come. 2010 has been a pretty sweet year for me. Here are some of the highlights from NSB’s first year.

I realized the importance of others reading about my love of sandwiches and going to the movies alone with a satchel full of them.

I campaigned against all the filtlhy hipsters in my neighbourhood.

I’m officially banned from a Tim Horton’s.

I met someone who enjoys my love of mass meat consumption and doesn’t judge me for spending Saturday mornings walking around my apartment in a red wine stained bathrobe.

For awhile I went to the Fairview DQ alone every friday night for a bag of Brazier Burgers, I have actually switched up on the burgs and now prefer Teen Burgers from the A & W.

I joined the 21st century and purchased my first cell phone.

I met 1980’s wrestling superstar Martty Jannetty.

I’m still in shock that Lindsay Lohan is alive.

I think I need to make 2011 the year I push out 3 kids so I can make them wear bacon suits.


3 responses to “M&M’s Orential Party Pack Overload.

  1. The Oriental party packs rock! A buddy of mine usually brings them to my parties. I assume he does so because he thinks they’re a culturally appropriate snack for me. Which is true.

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