Someone que the Roy Orbison music…

Yesterday Slutbanger and I went to Maritime Travel on Barrington St to book a trip to Mexico that we found on the company’s website. It had to be the incompetent customer service experience either of us have ever encountered. To start off, I had to awkwardly ask the Branch Manager ( Whom by the way looks like the Mom from Troll 2) if she could help us book our trip. After being asked if we would come back tomorrow because they close in a half hour we gave her the details on the price listed on the Maritime Travel site.

Ten minutes later she told us she couldn’t find the price listed anywhere on the Air Canada site and we must be mistaken. After re-telling her that we found the price on Maritime Travel, she continued to tell us it wasn’t listed. Once she was able to find the trip with the help of another employee the two of them stood in front of us debating over who was going to book it because they close in five minutes.

Question. Do these agents work off of commission, because if so I’m going to walk in there and tell them I just booked a trip at home in less than five minutes. I’m about to have my greatest Julia Roberts  Pretty Woman moment!!


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