Pretty good…pretty, pretty good.

It’s my 200th post!!!!! A lot has gone on in my life since my first post ” Welcome to Nice Shoes Bitch”. I still can’t stand hipsters and I constantly wonder how Lindsay Lohan is still alive. I continue to drink too much and put in the bare minimum at work. Teens at the mall still drive me insane. And I still love me some Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway.

Changes, the hooker I’m scared of stopped hustling outside my apartment. I no longer eat dinner alone and over my sink as I have a boyfriend!I invested in a pair of sweat pants that actually flatter my figure, instead of making me look like the guy who holds the stop sign on a construction site.  I tried a piece of chicken for the first time in 3 years and actually liked it. I finally looked up that Cuban guy I always see on shirts on Wikipedia. I have worked away at my 30 before 30 list and actually apply to be on Wheel of Fortune everyday at work. And I stopped eating doughnuts everyday because of those sluts employees at Tim Horton’s campaigning against me.

So thanks to everyone who reads my blog and finds my sense of self importance worth their time!

And I still can’t stand Michael Landsberg


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