That’s it, I’m going Mel Gibson crazy.

So yesterday a brochure for an addiction treatment and recovery center was sent to our office. It is now my personal goal to have Olive Oil send me there. This place has it all. A spa, yoga, meals prepared with fresh organic food along with a on site dietician to help you with your choice. Each bedroom has its own en suite with a whirlpool tub. I have to say this place sounds like a palace!

Slutbanger and I have decided to go to Mexico together this winter, I was hoping to catch mono leading up to the trip so I could look lovely and slim. But I think if work sent me to this place for a month I would look fantastic. I would start each day by working out in the gym, following by some yoga and then a cleansing mud bath and maybe a massage if time permits. I’m pretty sure I already meet the basic criteria for acceptance into this program.

I would look so svelte after getting out people would ask me if I was there for an eating disorder and I would have to say ” No I was in for drinking too much, but thanks for the compliment my friend!”


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