That’s the smell of desire my lady.

This week is really shaping up! Mama Cat is up for a visit, last night we went to The Keg and tonight she is making me chili for dinner. The other day Olive Oil and I were walking back from a meeting where a homeless man yelled ” Hey big man, if you don’t marry that girl I will.” I have to admit I love when the homeless compliment me. If it wasn’t for the booming population of the homeless in Halifax I would never get hit on or complimented on my way to work. Some of my all time favorite lines from the homeless include.

” I wish I was your dog”

” Look at the get away sticks on you”

” You’re like an Avatar, so lovely and tall” This one really delights me, because men downtown usually just say things like ” Hey amazon, move out-of-the-way” when I’m at a bar.

My personal favorite, said while walking down Barrington street in a new pair of boots once. ” Look at you, go on with yo fine self”

Along with the general ” You look nice today” compliments I get on my way into work. They really brighten my day!


5 responses to “That’s the smell of desire my lady.

  1. Compliments are always great! I received two today. While they were only “Nice pantelones” and “Nice Zapatos”(I work with Spanish people), it still brightened my day.

    • Oh I love compliments from the homeless. I get a little uneasy when HRM hosts events to get them off the street. If we give them a place to go in the morning, no one is going to tell me I look nice!

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