Working on my night cheese.

If I had to pick one group of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be cheese, no doubt. I love cheese, I eat it daily, I eat it in giant disgusting amounts. Cheese is the reason I will always be a bit fat. The following is just a sample of some of my favorites.

Guinness cheese, I don’t care if this stuff costs $9.98 per block. I will gladly sit down on a Friday night and eat the entire block with a side of smoked salmon.

Marinated Brie, this is one of Mama Cat’s specialties. She makes a brown sugar and pecan sauce to pour on top of the cheese and then bakes it! I would actually consider naming my child Brie after this cheese.

Count Jackula once took the family on a road trip to visit a cheese factory, best vacation the Lewis family ever had. A 7-year-old NSB discovered smoked gouda on that trip.


Ah Monday

Back to being an important business lady. This week is going to blow, it’s only 7:14 but I can already tell. My boss from head office is down ,so that means sitting in a room with Olive Oil for the next four days and not watching TV at work. It was my plan to start watching Christmas movies on YouTube this week but now I will have to do that on my own time. I hope Slutbanger likes the following movies because if not he is in for a shitty month.

According to ALF Jesus was english.

I actaully bought this movie at HMV the other day for $6.00

I love this movie and I will watch it at least twice!

These here breaks will rock your shoes.

Friday’s post is usually dedicated to the Non-Eater Award but Jesus.H. Christ Foxy Brown. What the hell happened to you? It’s one thing to have some curves but learn to accent them with and outfit that doesn’t look like something a teenaged mother would wear to a bar her first night out after having the baby.

On a sidenote,  Happy Belated 30th Birthday to Cousin Red!

Don’t worry Count Jackula. I’m going to think this one over for awhile

So I have put some consideration into a tattoo, I’m thinking I want something based around a cat. I love cats but given that I’m in my late 20’s and live alone, I think getting a cat at this stage in my life might be a step backwards. People would see Mama Cat on the street and say ” Oh, how is Rebecca Doing” and then she would have to answer ” Oh, She’s good. She has a cat now you know.” So a tattoo of one seems like a better choice for the moment.

Before I came up with my cat idea I thought “What about an Audrey Hepburn tattoo on my inner arm?” Kind of cool and iconic Burnett. Bad choice. The following tattoo’s are almost as horrendous as a bad mom tattoo on someones shoulder-blade.

I’m predicting a couple’s scrapbook that plays the theme song from Another World when you open it in my near future.

So things are moving along nicely for Slutbanger and I. While we are a ways off from living together anytime soon, he has graduated to having the following items in my apartment. A toothbrush, deodorant, bodywash and a puff. I have made the promise that sometime after Christmas he will be permitted two clothes hangers in my closet. I’m just not sure when that will be.

I’m also on the fence over what I should be doing upon the arrival of his stuff. As each item makes it way into that bathroom, it allows him to spend more time with me. But when does he get to see the real 360 Rebecca? The one who drinks a bottle of red wine out of a mug in her bathrobe and eats an economy size block of cheese for dinner when he isn’t around.

He has been around me while intoxicated and a cheese tray was present, so Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much?  Maybe these are just things people eventually give up once they find someone and actually turn into a lady? I recently tired to wear my fifth hand Denver Hayes sweatpants around him.They have no less than 7 medium size holes and are elastic bottom.  Needless to say he was totally turned on and they never made a second apperance.

Remember in High School when people would actually go to Sears and get a couples 8 X 10? Thank God I didn’t become attractive until later in life!

Laces Out!!!!

Cousin Red and I had a conversation yesterday over lunch and we both agree , there is something unsettling about Movember. While I 100% support the cause, I find my walk home a little uneasy. Normally a mustache signifies a shady character. Now I can’t tell who is supporting the cause and who just inappropriately  touches young children .

Seriously a large percentage of men living in my neighbourhood look like this. If it was August I would know better than to say hello to this sort of person. But snubbing someone who looks like this in November is just plain rude!

What do you know about Ray Finkle?

Sometimes fantastic movies make fuckin’ horrendous cartoons…

Remember how awful Back to the Future 3 was? This cartoon was actually worse.

I watched Beetle Juice yesterday, it’s one of my top ten movies. The cartoon  however is a steaming pile of shit.

I swear to God, when Bill and Ted 3 comes out if they release another cartoon series based on the movie I will cut someone.

Remember how excited the 9-year-old you was to find out a Mask cartoon was in the works. You loved Jim Carrey, you more than likely ran around the playground yelling ” SMOKING”  in the Jim Carrey voice. Then this piece of crap came out and Carrey wasn’t even voicing The Mask.