Running with the devil

I have over two weeks of unused vacation time that I have to take before Christmas so I have decided to take today off and spend sometime with Mama Cat around the city. I’m pretty excited for her visit because she is going to take me out for  fancy lunch and bring me some Halloween candy. It better be good candy, if she shows up with any of the following she may as well just go back home.

1. Candy Kisses, they rip the teeth out of your head with each chew.

2. Salt and Vinegar chips. Gross me out.

3. A box of raisins, this isn’t even a treat.

4. Mr. Big chocolate bars. Next to Big Turks, this is the worst chocolate bar ever made.

I once received a packet of Heinz Tartar sauce for Halloween. I wish I knew who it came from, I would actually like to congratulate them for giving me the most unusual treat ever. I would prefer this over an orange any day.

Keeping with the crappy things on Halloween theme…I don’t even know why I am giving Heidi Montag the honour of being this weeks Halloween themed Non-eater. I really think she just needs to go away or star in a series of adult videos…


One response to “Running with the devil

  1. Mr Big is the best! But you are right on the Turk front.

    Some old couple once gave me a cup of Prune juice. It was a sealed cup, like the individual apple sauces you could get. Of course, teenage Bannanas hucked that at a house.

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