Life would be so much easier if I wasn’t so shallow and materialistic

I have come to the conclusion that I waste a lot of money on useless items. $250.00 on Hunter rain boots that offer the same amount of water protection as a $30.00 pair of boots is the perfect example. Although I do love the look of approval I get from fellow  Hunter wearers on the street.

Recently Slutbanger found out that I once purchased a pair of leather pants. I had myself convinced that I was totally cool enough to wear these pants downtown. Not the case at all. I bought the pants and then instantly retired them to closet until the other day when he convinced me to try them on, where I was then taunted and made fun of for a good ten minutes.  I need  to remember this moment the next time I go to spend an idiotic amount of money on something I’m never going to wear.

Sweetums has nothing to do with this post…I just really like him.


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