Never had me a name…

Pattistiltskin had her baby. As hard as I campaigned, she refused to name the baby Lou, even after I pitched a sweet series of short stories on what he could grow up to become with that name. But I guess she figured her baby was too good for pre made clubhouse sandwiches, generic brand Mountain Dew and life of dropping piss bombs on the open road. I’m pretty excited to meet the little guy. Aunt Red Wine and Cigarettes is going to spoil him rotten. He is going to be the coolest baby ever. I ordered him a Misfits shirt the other day so the other babies will know not to mess with him. I have already decided his blog nickname will be Handsome. B.Wonderful.

Speaking of babies…Sixteen and Pregnant is back for a third season. I’m going to be honest, I hated every single mom last season and couldn’t really get into the show. I’ll have a review on this one as soon as I watch it online today at work. I’m looking forward to awful baby names and making fun of lazy parents. It should hold me over until season 3 of Teen Mom starts back up.


In other news I found a website to replace whythefuckdoyouhaveakid  it’s


4 responses to “Never had me a name…

  1. Watching “Sixteen and Pregnant” while at work. What a great use of company time! I’m gonna have to check these websites out. Gotta make sure my mom isn’t on any of them.

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