Gutter punk at it’s best

Do you ever find yourself wondering whatever happened to the kids who went to school for two weeks in September and then they dropped out because they would rather smoke in front of the mall and they were never to be seen  again? Well on Wednesday night they all went to watch The Casualties and GWAR at The Palace.

I always though Justin Hawkins from The Darkness was the world’s ugliest frontman  but that award can now go to the lead singer of The Casualties.  Don’t get me wrong, they were half decent. Just horribly ugly.

This was my first time taking in a GWAR show and it fucking ruled. I could care less for their actual music, I just wanted to watch the act. The floor looked like a sea of bloody bodies, it was fantastic. And I almost saw my first set of concert boobs! Some drunk broad rushed the stage and just as we were mere seconds away from seeing concert boobs the bouncer tackled her to the ground. That was actually more entertaining…

I also enjoy that the members of GWAR now have to paint their muscles onto their body. Do you know who doesn’t have to paint fake muscles onto their body? Rachel Zoe…She could seriously be worked into their act as some sort of skeleton who fell into a vat of acid she is so skinny.


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