Some of my all time favorite anti-drug commercials.

I wonder how many kids started smoking because R2D2 makes it look so cool?

The kid in this video looks like a guy named Brian that I went to elementary school with.

I would always ask Count Jackula if I could crack the eggs open when making breakfast so I could reenact this commercial.

I used to love this commercial!

This one is just plain racist…

This video is fucking awful, yet amazing at the same time. It features a cartoon Alf and numerous other late 80’s cartoon characters. In grade six my class had to watch this video as part of our big send off to Junior High School. We also had to watch a Fat Albert video on the importance of washing your hands after a poop.


5 responses to “Some of my all time favorite anti-drug commercials.

  1. I remember Cartoon All Stars. It was an overly hyped program that aired on Saturday morning ABC. Bloody awful really, in what world can the Ninja Turtles live with Winnie the fucking Pooh? To quote wiki on this one:

    In the park, one of Michael’s enemies says that she can buy crack cocaine for ten dollars. He is uncertain of this, but Smoke steals his wallet and tosses it to the enemy, who runs off with it down an alleyway. He gives chase but falls down a manhole with Smoke. There, they are greeted by Michelangelo, Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy and Baby Gonzo.

    So the turtles babysit the Muppet Babies, sounds plausible I guess.

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