Metal Hangover.

Remember when you were little and your parents took  you to weddings and you would play in a strobe light and it felt like being on acid? Well that’s exactly what a Black Label Society show feels like.  Aside from the fact Zakk Wylde kept fans waiting almost an hour for their set to start , ten Marshall Stacks blew my fucking ears out and I had a great time.

I actually enjoyed Clutch more than BLS and they were the main reason for taking in the five hours of standing up without a break. If I learned one lesson at this show it’s that the only thing  more rampid than fantastic tunes was the long hair of men getting attached to my lips. Note to self…Never wear chap stick on rock and roll date night. The hair of 100’s of metal heads continuously touched my mouth when they walked past me.  Each time I wanted to puke in my mouth a little.

On a side note, Two Cents reminds me of an early millennium metal band , Slutbanger pointed out that they actually sound worse than Tap Root or Mudvayne.


“Fucking magnets, how do they work?” Now those are some serious lyrics.


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