If I don’t stop writing about my glory days of 1980, people are going to start calling me Uncle Rico.

Find me one girl who doesn’t love the movie Troop Beverly Hills. If I had to model my life after an 80’s movie character, Phyllis Nefler would difinitely be the one. This movie has everything I love, tacky French restaurants, 80’s boutique shopping , far too much swearing and sex for a kids movie and the personal style of Shelly Long. I love how she rocks that awful uniform. I used to put on my Brownie uniform and walk around the house pretending to be Phylis Nefler with a fake cigarette.Then again I used to also walk around the house with an actual cigar in my mouth pretending to be a banker named Stan Fox who managed a fictional branch on Park Avenu. So I’m pretty sure this wasn’t normal.

I watched this movie almost everyday for an entire summer. It was always on The Movie Network at 7am. I have two favorite scenes. When the girls are trying to sell their cookies and the black girl dresses up like Tina Turner, the troop then performs in front of a crowd on Rodeo Drive and everyone loves it. My second favorite scene would be when Phyllis takes the girls camping at a swanky hotel and tells a ghost story while smoking and wearing a fur-trimmed négligée.

Speaking of narcissistic people, yours truly is featured in this weeks Frank Magazine!!! I know when most people are talked about in this magazine they are supposed to act all modest and appalled that their name was ever mentioned but not me. I’m ecstatic! The author even refered to me as being 26-ish!


5 responses to “If I don’t stop writing about my glory days of 1980, people are going to start calling me Uncle Rico.

  1. If your in Frank Magazine I will go and sneak a read at the grocery store (until they give me dagger eyes for not buying anything).

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