Brazier Burgers and Fountain Diet Pepsi…

Just one of the many things I am looking forward to this weekend. The Red Headed Bastard and I are packing up and heading home for the weekend. Mama Cat has been cooking for a week in preparation for my arrival and Count Jackula has a giant list of yard work for me to do. A rare fact…I actually love yard work and shoveling snow, that’s right boy’s I’m a keeper. I also enjoy eating chips in my parent’s basement on a Friday night alone and dateless. It reminds me of being in high school.

Although I won’t actually be dateless because at some point this evening BKGG is coming over for a visit! Our night will be filled with all sorts of things girls our age do on a Friday , playing Scrabble , watching revenge of the nerds, drinking three bottles of red wine in our bathrobes and not remembering when we went to bed.

I’m a little fearful for Saturday night. Slutbanger will be coming over for dinner with Mama C and the Count. They read this blog and are well aware of the nickname I have given him. Monday’s post is going to be dedicated to what might go down as one of my most awkward moments of 2010. While on one hand I would like to encourage copious amounts of wine to get out of having to go to church in the morning, I don’t think that is an overly solid idea when you plan on formally introducing a guy you want to keep around to your parents.

Family fun…


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