Tacos and Teen Mom

The Red Headed Bastard and I had a Mama and baby night, we enjoyed taco’s and caught up on  Teen Mom episodes.  With each passing week, I actually despise Amber more and more.Gary and his set of twin sheets moved back in this week for the time being. He spent the entire episode being verbally and physically abused by Amber. He would stay at his mother’s place but her 30-year-old boyfriend is unemployed and they keep getting into fights with each other. Next week Amber actually punches Gary in the ear!

Is it just me, or would anyone else like to see Gary on a dating show? He would pull all sorts God awful romantic moves. You kind of can’t help but love that big fat fucker. He would take women bowling and out for a hotdog on a group date. Or maybe for a really short walk on the beach so he wouldn’t break a sweat. Instead of a rose ceremony, Gary would hand out promise rings that he bought from Wal-Mart for $26.95.  The show could be called ” Have a picnic life, with Gary from Teen Mom.”


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