White Jeans and Mall Bangs…

The count down is on, only three more days until I hit the road with Mama Cat and Count Jackula! My excitement level is at an all time high for a few reasons. Pretty much all centering around food.

1. Stopping for lunch at the Texas Road House in Bangor Maine. This place is amazing. They have a honey and cinnamon whipped butter that they serve alongside the their unlimited bread!

2. Combos Pretzels. I am going to be stocking up on these sons of bitches. I don’t care who makes fun of me for doing so either.

3. American Cereal. I will be packing a good three boxes of the Count Chocula into my suitcase.

4. Eating at Chili’s. I think this will take some convincing on my part to get Mama C on board with this idea. She hates trashy American restaurants

5.Shopping at  Target , I can’t wait to buy three outfits a pair of shoes and numerous pairs of giant around the house undies all  for under $150.00. Just like Teen Mom’s Amber!

6.It’s not like I’m taking first place in a beauty pageant or anything, but have you ever laid eyes on the women who take up residence in the Eastern USA? I’m looking forward to being among the top ten  prettiest girls in a large room. The only time that happens around here is when I visit the Lions Head Tavern or Michael’s Bar and Grill.

Processed cheese goodness!


8 responses to “White Jeans and Mall Bangs…

  1. We really need to make a business arrangement. Based on everytime you go to the States you get me a box of ceral and some frozen White Castle burgers, when I go I get you some ceral and some Combos.

    If you get a chance try Popeyes.
    Speaking of which check out this gem:

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