I’m ready to start dressing like an unsexy librarian…

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m ready for summer to end.Seriously a few nights ago I spent a portion of my evening standing under a cold air vent  outside of  the Oland’s Brewery. The Red Headed Bastard and I just took in all the stale, beer air goodness. While I’m going to miss brunch on a patio, going to the beach, drinking on the back deck with my parents and dressing in next to nothing. I’m ready to give it up for cold weather. Some of the highlights to fall 2010 will include…

Saying goodbye to cheap wine night at the COHO and welcoming back red wine in my bathrobe Friday nights!

Making soup. I’m going to highlight my sense of self-importance even more so this fall by posting soup recipes here. I’m the queen of homemade soup!

Jeans, sweaters, scarves, hats  and cute boots. More so the return of my Aldo over the knee Yunes boots.  I’m not even going to lie about it. I have fantastic legs.

Concerts…Florence and the Machine, GWAR , Danzig ( fingers crossed on that one.)  Clutch and Black Label Society.

All things Halloween related! Slutbanger and still debating on our costumes ( I’m aware it’s only September 1st.)  Right now we are arguing if we go with a He-Man theme who gets to be Skeletor and who has to be Beastman.

Fall TV and the Cincinnati Bengals!!! For the record I joined the  Bengals bandwagon before the arrival of TO. Cousin Red has had me hooked for a few years now! I fell in love with number 85 after last seasons Hard Knocks on HBO.

The removal of slow poke tourist crowding up the streets taking forever to order on my lunchtime hotdog walks. No offence to your culture Murray but for a superior race, your people take forever to organize themselves and order a hotdog.


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