Poorly crafted strollers and 591 mL pop bottles.

That’s right, I’m talking about Teen Mom today…

Every now and then I receive an email or comments from feminist ranting about how I don’t take eating disorders , poverty or teen pregnancy seriously. Not too long ago an email came in from someone ragging me out for my comments on MTV’s Teen Mom  and how dare I poke fun of those less fortunate than me. Those less fortunate than me? I have gone on the record stating  that these girls live a more elaborate life style than me! They all own cars and wear nicer clothing than I do ( with the exception of Caitlin) !

I’m not making fun of these girls for being teen parents, I’m making fun of them for being awful parents. Amber and Jorge Gracia Gary always complain about never having any money for things like diapers and formula. Yet every single episode features them going out to eat chicken fingers and fries, or making a ridiculous purchase like an adult plus size rabbit costume for Easter.

I thought Maci had half a brain in her head, but her current boyfriend reminds me of Moose Mason from The Archie Comics. This is going to sound completely shallow of me but seriously Maci, looks are somewhat important. I know he is in college and all but he’s not much to write home about.

 I don’t have anything mean to say about Farrah this week because I feel bad for her. I also feel bad for Caitlin, this girl has more common sense then both of her parents put together. Which still isn’t a lot. It’s a shame that both girls will more than likely grow up to work at some sort of flask and ornament engraving kiosk at the mall.

I kind of love Tyler because he is the most mature teen dad on the show. At the same time I kind of feel sorry for him as well because I’m sure his idea of a good job is managing a payday advancement store. PS Does anyone else love Tyler’s moms permed bangs?

Ok, I’m not taking spousal abuse seriously with this picture…Bring on the emails Cox University’s WOMS students!


4 responses to “Poorly crafted strollers and 591 mL pop bottles.

  1. Are you serious? If these ladies have a problem they should go and write the show for giving these losers $$ to be fame whores. As far as I ‘m concerned they signed the contract to have “fun poked” at them.

    • That is sick. My best friend is due in October, Don’t worry she is 28 with an education the baby will be well taken care of. But I have already told her that we’re not playing shower games. I’m having a lucky, plate napkin and cup. That’s it. I don’t have time for shower games!

  2. You know you’ve hit it big when you get hatemail! Congrats!!
    Don’t be afraid to judge and make fun of others, it’s a fun game.

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