I really have to stop writing about wrestling…

I love when The Score airs Classic Wrestling on Saturday nights. I especially love when they air segments featuring some of wrestling finest mascots! Over the years the WWE has seen a few pets come and go. Some have been forgotten and some have become a part of mainstream culture. I hope that unlike my last WWE post I’m not forgetting a pivotal icon from the wrestling mascot world, I don’t think I will ever live down leaving Mr. Fuji out of my favorite managers post.

Damien. Once masked as a wedding gift to startle Miss Elizabeth, he is one of wrestlings most memorable mascots!

Coco Beware’s pet bird Frankie. While he was never actually involved in story lines, he was still present at ring side for every match. He might just be the only feathered bird I have ever taken a liking to.

Kid napped countless times and more than likely sold to cover the cost of Davey Smiths cocaine addiction, Matilda.

On a side note, I had an awesome pair of British Bull Dog pajamas when I was little.

A lot of people often forget the Jake the Snake Roberts actually had two snakes during his WWE career. Lucifer was billed as Damien’s big brother, he was twice the size as Damien and was actually banned from ringside after he bit the Macho Man.


5 responses to “I really have to stop writing about wrestling…

  1. You are wrong my friend. Jake had THREE different snakes. His original python, then a King Cobra when he turned evil (my favorite one), and when he found god he had an albino python.

    Once he tied Savage in the ropes (when Savage was forced into retirment) and used the Cobra on him.

  2. Actually, There was Damien. Then Damien was squashed by Earthquake so Jake brought out Lucifer. When he went evil he had the cobra, that appears to be unnamed. His Albino Python was called Revelations

  3. ha, i just googled “coco beware” and this is the first thing that pops up, s’awesome, wish i had bitchin’ bulldog PJ’s when i was a kid, i had some killer hulkamaniac wears though.

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