Side Boob Extravaganza!!!!!

At least one person a day is directed to my blog by searching the term ” Lohan Side Boob” or something close to that term. So I figure fuck it, its summer time I have a sunburn and I can’t think of anything else to write about today. Without further a due, I present the best of Lindsay Lohan’s side boob.


Not all that long ago this bag of bones was actually kind of hot and men wanted to do her.

She’s like a skeleton with two jugular fat glands.

Remember Bonaparte the skeleton from Wonder Why? Someone better get Richard Zurawski on the phone.

Really, you thought you could go out with this shirt on and no one would take your picture?



4 responses to “Side Boob Extravaganza!!!!!

  1. I just don’t know what makes people believe that leaving the house with knockers that size and no bra is alright. I saw that last pic the other day and thought “Really? Why even bother dressing yourself?”

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