Celebrating my favorite neighbourhood brewery.

Happy Birthday to Nova Scotia’s 23rd Lieutenant Governor and greatest beer maker in history Victor de Bedia Oland. Everyone is always going on about how Keith’s is the best beer on the East Coast, I have to disagree. My favorite beer of all time has to be Schooner followed by Olands and I don’t give a rats ass if that makes me greasy.

Olands and Schooner played a pretty vital role back in my old neighbourhood.  The Count used to send an 8-year-old Brethren Lewis to his guitar lessons with a six-pack of Olands Export Ale because his teacher refused to accept money in exchange for the lessons. It was also a given that if a family got a dog, it was named after one of these beers. Not to mention the number of Olands jean jackets that took up residence in the North End of New Glasgow.

Most kids in my neighbourhood enjoyed their first luke warm Schooner they stole from their Dads in the North End caves or in a cabin in the middle of the woods that was constructed with wood from the old coffin factory.


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