Sweet Baby Jesus!!!!

I’m almost certain that I have died and gone to some sort of purgatory for snippy white bitches because MTV has released a second season of Teen Mom ! My three favorite skanks plus the one mom who actually looks after her kid are back! Oh where to start, step kids dating, an irresponsible dad wearing a t-shirt promoting responsible pet ownership, I’ll never tire of this show. Here is the latest on the teen moms.

Maci is my favorite of the moms. She rules and is the only mom who takes care of her baby and actually wants to do something with her life. Plus Bentley is the cutest baby ever.

Farrah Continues to be desperate for a man and crazy as ever. She now has her even more mentally unstable mom up on assault charges. She also left her baby in the apartment hallway while she unpacked her stuff.

Caitlin,  I’m not even sure why garbage gut is still on the show. Tyler found out she cheated on him three years ago and now wonders if they should stay together. Not that he is anything to write home about, but if you have a chance to drop this girl…Run with it!

Amber is still spending her Teen Mom money on cute dresses from target and more than likely hasn’t cleaned her home since the first season. She and Gary are having a rough patch. Gary met a girl at Wal-Mart , not that I condone leaving your girlfriend and daughter but you might want to go for an upgrade if you do. Then again, he took the new girl out on a date wearing elastic bottom sweatpants…

Also shame on you MTV for not promoting the return of Teen Mom, I found out about   season two while watching an episode of The Jersey Shore.

I’m pretty sure this guy used his Teen Mom money to buy a giant box of chicken fingers.


8 responses to “Sweet Baby Jesus!!!!

  1. I was unaware of this show but I’m going to have to start watching. I adore watching people with shitty lives..makes me feel so much better about mine.

    I would totally eat a giant box of chicken fingers.

    • I love chicken fingers too, saucey fingers are my favorite. It’s just chicken fingers tossed in wing sauce. Saint Louis Chicken and Ribs make the best Saucey fingers ever. And they come with a side of dill sauce!

  2. Can’t tell you the joy I felt to find out that I wasn’t the only person watching this show. It’s my dirty little secret but DAMN I love that show. After weeks of trying to convince my fiance to watch it with me so that I can gossip with someone, I dearly hope you start posting about it more often. I love Maci too! And… did Catelynn actually cheat on Tyler? I thought she just lied about being a virgin? Confusion.

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