Sweet Mother of God…

I like to think of my liver as a little Italian man, this morning he is definitely walking around yelling ” Mama Mia” because I have a hangover that could kill an Ox. It finally happened, I turned into a real girl. I went to my friend Joannimals last night for a fantastic dinner and way WAY too much wine.  We ended up eating ice cream out of the pint and talking about our man problems….Just like on TV!

I also want to apologize to anyone I run into today. I’m wearing a Pantera shirt at work. I woke up and though Fuck it, this shirts still rocking and so am I…Not the case.  I would also like to thank a few people, number one being the Red Headed Bastard for not destroying anything in our apartment while I was in my booze coma. Joannimal for providing me with the supplies to go into a booze coma and Slutbanger. I noticed I may have drunk dialed you around 12:36. I have no recollection of this, so if I said anything I would just appreciate it if you never brought it up again.


For those of you wondering, those are Jo’s boobs… Mine are much smaller.

Oh and PS I just remembered I was drinking Gin last night…


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