Shut the front door…

I wouldn’t consider myself to be overly picky when it comes to dinning, but there is one class of food that pretty much sickens me beyond beliefe…Condiments. I actually find it hard to eat around people when condiments are involved. Someone putting ketchup on Kraft Dinner or potatoes will pretty much put me over the edge. The following is a list of my top 5 most sickening condiments.

1.A1 or  HP Sauce .Why would you ever put this on a steak, are you trying to ruin the flavor?

2. Mayo. Gross me the fuck out.

3. Ketchup. Even on a hotdog or fries, I’m still disgusted in it. Anyone who puts it on a poutine should be classified as a child molester too.

4. Ranch Dressing. Don’t even get me started on this one.

5. Green Tomato Chow. While it’s more of a preserve than a condiment, when people put it on their fish cakes, I want to puke.

I actually love mustard.

…Sorry for the delay in today’s post, I cut my leg while shaving and it took forever to clot, then the Red Headed Bastard escaped from the apartment on my way out the door. He is home safe and sound now though!


5 responses to “Shut the front door…

  1. Good point on the Ketchup on KD thing. I don’t mind it on certain things, but for some reason whenever someone puts it on KD I have to leave the room.

    Also note, a former girlfriend use to put ketchup on her steak. That, combined with her frigidness sent her to the door.

    • I will never again eat infront of Uncle Brian, Nanny once made eggs and toast for him, he put peanut butter on the toast…fine, then he put ketchup on the eggs and dipped the toast in it!!!! I had to set up a little fort around me so I wouldn’t have to watch while he ate.

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