How is this even remotely comfortable???

What is it about summertime that brings on the plethora of women and camel toes? Ladies, if you’re getting dressed in the morning and you find yourself wondering if you can get away with your pants that feel a little tight in that region, the answer is NO! I saw a lot of camel today on my way to work…A LOT!  One of which was particularly awful. I seriously thought her girl dick was starving and attempting to eat its way out of her pants. It’s going to be a long couple of months if I am going to be greeted with this everyday on my way to work…


2 responses to “How is this even remotely comfortable???

  1. I LOVE that there is a place where you can send someone a cuchini anonymously… that makes me very happy for some reason. I might just send one to a random address of someone I don’t know just to imagine the reaction that person may have…

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