Thank God, I never have to watch PBS again!

I don’t mean to sound like some sort of uneducated hillbilly with this title, but for the past two weeks I have waited for  Bell to come to my new place and hook my cable up. For some reason, I was able to watch PBS on my television. At first I was pretty excited over this. I thought it was finally my chance to become a pretentious dick and say things like ” Well on PBS the other night, they had a special on teen pregnancy and its connection to lower-income housing areas.” Instead of my usual snarky Sixteen and Pregnant comments. Not the case, I’m pretty sure the last time a camera rolled for the Public Broadcasting Station was back in 1998 .

To make it worse something called Pledge Week is going on during the evenings. Pledge Week is when PBS tries to guilt you into paying for their shitty broadcasting by telling you all about their honor system. I feel I should be exempted from having to give as I didn’t actually want to watch Cranford or Mrs.Marple, they just happen to be the only thing on while I’m eating taco’s over my kitchen sink. I would donate money to PBS if they promised to stop airing crap shows and bring back Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.


4 responses to “Thank God, I never have to watch PBS again!

  1. I’m with ya on Carmen Sandiego! That show is responsible for the majority of my knowledge of geography (which is admittedly quite small…)

    Bring it back!

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