I’m just going to throw this out there…

As a childless self-absorbed woman in her late 20’s I often wonder… Is there a certain cutoff point for kids and strollers? I’m pretty sure the child featured below is way too old be strolled around by his mom. It’s kind of like telling your kid ” It’s ok to grow up and become a loser”.  

Eventually this kid will turn 12 and his parents will have to put shoes and socks on his feet for him while he sits on the counter. When I was 12 I was getting drunk off of lime kool aid  and vodka in my friends barn.

Sorry for the crappy picture, but you know how touchy parents can get when a stranger tries to secretly take a photo of their child.


4 responses to “I’m just going to throw this out there…

  1. Well, that’s the type of stroller we have and you know what…
    your favorite baby ever absolutely LOVES sitting in that seat….

  2. my kid is insanely tall, and always has been. she was 3′ 2″ on her second birthday. We ditched the stroller when she was 1 and a half. She doesn’t have any memories of a stroller she was so young. so the other day we see this kid that used to be in her class (primary). And her mother is pushing her and her 4 year old sister in a double stroller. Tami had been asking me to make a playdate for her and this little girl. We walk by them, say hello, and I see the look on Tami’s face. “Still wanna go over and play with her?” “Um..nope, I think she’s a weirdo.”

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