Nice Cast Bitch

I think I have definitely learned my lesson on being lazy.Two nights ago I had to use the washroom in the middle of the night, I was aware that my downstairs bathroom was out of toilet paper because I used it all and didn’t bother to get a replacement roll. So I had to use the upstairs loo. On my way up in the pitch black I missed a step and went flying down a hardwood staircase. My foot was instantly purple and I knew I was going to have to go to the Outdoor to get it looked at.

The Lower Sackville Outdoor…Not so much a time. To start it off  the woman sitting next to me in the waiting room said ” Hey I’m just going to head over to Tim Horton’s to get a coffee.” I thought she was going to see if I wanted one, but instead she asked if I would tell the nurse she would be right back if they called her name. Ah…no. If someone calls your name and you’re not there I’m keeping my mouth shut so I can get in before you, get looked at and then head over to Mary Browns for a Big Mary Chicken Sandwich. Needless to say I told her I would for sure!

Now what is a time, is getting to sit in a wheelchair when you really don’t need to be in one and having my awsome male nurse push me around in it making fun of things with me. I also enjoyed ease dropping on the woman beside me. Her diabetes or as she pronounced it ” Dia-bee-tus” was acting up and giving her pains in her ass and she needed pain killers right away. Yeah because The Diabetes are known for causing ass pain.  I was actually pretty impressed with the hospitals staff, I was especially impressed with Doctor Handsome who was looking after me!  I felt it necessary to explain that while my bedroom was in the basement it wasn’t my parents basement. He found it kind of odd I pointed that out to him.

So now I have a broken fifth metatarsal bone and a giant space boot cast on my foot for the next six weeks, I had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink this morning and I have to wear flats to work…Lovely.


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