I enjoy things in extremes

It’s how I tend to do everything, drinking wine, spending money I don’t have on things I don’t need, prank phone calls in the middle of the night and eating hotdogs. I once ate Kraft Dinner everyday at lunchtime for 2 and a half years. The only reason I stopped was because my brother moved away to attend university and it just wasn’t the same. I loved how angry yet excited he would become over my answer when he asked me what I was going to make for lunch everyday.

Lately I have been on a big Mac and Cheese kick; I had it for dinner 5 times last week. Each time was fantastic yet totally different from the previous. It started on Sunday at my parents place. Mama Lewis makes a top-notch Mac and Cheese; it has 4 kinds of cheese and sour cream in it. You insides hurt afterwards but it’s worth it. She also gave me a huge container of left over’s that lasted for 2 days. I ended up taking it to work and refused to share any of it…Sorry Olive Oil, it was non-work related food.

 Then on Wednesday Badkidsgoodgrammar had me over for dinner. To jazz things up she likes to add blue cheese…Fantastic!!! I had two servings that may not sound like a lot but my bowl was heaping and if I was anywhere else I would have felt like a sow eating from its troth. I’m glad I don’t have to practice table manners when visiting her place. I also love the fact that red wine from a box is a perfectly acceptable drink to go with anything she makes for me!

 On Friday I was in macaroni and cheese heaven. I was invited to my cousins 3rd birthday. Her Mom made two different kinds, one had salsa in it and holy crap it was good. Again I made a pig out of myself, but showing up to someone’s home with a gift entitles a person to do so. I thought my third birthday at McDonald’s was awesome but this party had it all. Good food, Scrabble and red wine!


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