Remember contests from the early 90’s…No? Well I do!

I wanted to win a lot of things as a small child, I watched the show Fun House every day at lunch and I was green with envy over the prizes those kids would get to go home with. My Mom always told my brother and I we could go on the show when I turned 9 and my brother  was 12, I think she knew the show would go off the air by then and we would stop pestering her and eat our can of Co-op generic brand chicken and rice soup.       

There was nothing I wanted to win more in the summer of 1991 than the Pepsi Eagle Talon. All you had to do was spell out the words Eagle and Talon with the little plastic flaps under your Pepsi caps, I think I drank $5.00 worth of Pepsi and Pepsi related products a day to try to win and pop was maybe 65 cents at that time.  Just picture how cool I would look now driving around in my 1990 Eagle Talon sports car with J.D Roth in the passenger seat. we could be turning heads and moistening panties all over town!     





















2 responses to “Remember contests from the early 90’s…No? Well I do!

  1. hahaha i remember the lays chips nintendo one, where you needed four puzzle pieces to win and no one could get puzzle piece number 4…. well except the random pathological liar kid with the trucker dad that ate four bags of chips a day. But of course you would never actually see the puzzle piece.

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