Donna Martin Graduates…

I usually save the Non-Eater award for Fridays post, but seriously eat a sandwich Tori Spelling. How anyone could think this is attractive is beyond me. I have seen homeless crack addicts who look better than you. You’re never going to land a made for TV movie role with that body. You need to go back to the good old days of Co-Ed Call Girl and get some meat on those bones.


3 responses to “Donna Martin Graduates…

  1. It doesn’t count if you vom the food up afterwards!

    Can I nominate Jenna Jameson for the Non-Eater award? She honestly used to be hot when she had some meat on her bones, but now she’s orange, has had way too many plastic surgeries (other than her hoo hoos) and is a stick. I wouldn’t even want to watch one of her videos these days, it would be like wacking it to a piece of beef jerky that got a tit job.

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