A lesson in manners

Easter Monday might just be the most painful workday of the entire year. After watching Frankie MacDonald videos on YouTube and actually lowering myself to looking at Facebook photo albums of what other peoples children received for Easter, I decided I had to get out for an alone time beer. I was lucky enough to sit across from a large table of women who felt it was necessary and acceptable to talk down to their waitress. God that grinds my gears! If I was their waitress I would have seriously considered telling them off. Gina, my favorite server at the Triangle can call anyone out on their bullshit and still walk away with a great tip. She however is a rare exception. As a former waitress, albeit a crappy one, I only feel it’s appropriate to bring to light a few points on restaurant ethics.

Just because your waitress is pretty, doesn’t mean you need to talk to her like she is some sort of halfwit. “Oh hey thanks for speaking really slow and explaining the item you’re ordering in detail. I wasn’t sure which club sandwich you wanted off our menu that we have had for the past 10 years.”

If you’re in a rush, don’t order the burger or a steak sandwich well done and then get snippy with your server when all the other tables around you are being served before you.

If you’re going to bang someone who works in a bar make sure you don’t ruin that place for the rest of your friends. Keep it friendly afterwards but don’t expect to have someone buy the cow. Good happy hours are few and far between.

If you can’t control your kids in public don’t get angry at me when I put them in their place. I’m serious too, I once yelled at an 11-year-old boy for running around our table barking like a dog at the Elephant and Castle. He almost tripped our waitress carrying a full try of drinks. His family left disgusted shortly after.

Teachers, you should know when you enter an establishment, all the servers go into the kitchen and argue over who has to wait on you. You’re notoriously cheap and we can spot you a mile away. However,  badkidsgoodgrammar is the exemption to this rule…..fantastic tipper and great drinking partner on a Thursday afternoon!


3 responses to “A lesson in manners

  1. I love being the exception to the rule.
    I also generally hate going anywhere with other teachers. I find it costs me a lot of money because a) they don’t tip worth a shit and b) I feel my tip should make up for their lack-of-tip and for their overall assholish demeanor.

  2. I am a teacher in training so I don’t have any money TO tip…but once I do, I will make it my goal to ALSO be an exception to this rule!

  3. My favorite is when I serve someone who asks for their 12 ounce steak really really well done and then complain it’s burnt.

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